Women's cycling in all of its forms,

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Anna Maria is a fashion editor and stylist with roots in cycling advocacy and community organizing. She is passionate about urban cycling and commuting, and has raced road for Kissena Cycling. She is an avid world traveler who loves traveling with a bike. She's taking her first strides in cross country and downhill mountain biking. She regularly consults for fashion brands interested in adapting their clothing to the needs of female cyclists. Currently Anna Maria is the Community Manager for Levi's Commuter jeans. She is a 2016 recipient of the QBP Women's Mechanic Scholarship at the United Bicycle Institute. She is also the owner of Sun And Air, a bicycle shop located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Whenever she's not on set with a fashion client she can be found fixing flats, or serving up espresso at the shops cafe.  

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Managing Editor

Kirsten Weisbeck

Kirsten is a commuting-by-cycle enthusiast and managing editor of Pretty Damned Fast. She is working toward a master's degree in Public Health at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to working alongside many vibrant contributors, she looks forward to curating well-sourced health news that supplements the mental and physical well-being of PDF readers.

Let her know if there's a particular topic you're interested in, or reach out if you have any general inquiries. 

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Senior Editor

Caitlin Dumas

Caitlin is the co-founder of CycleNebraska, an organization working to cultivate a cycling community in the state of Nebraska. She rides road and gravel and recently started dipping her toes in competitive road and cyclocross racing. She is an avid advocate for women's cycling, bike infrastructure, and rescue animals.

For Caitlin, cycling goes beyond the gear, speed, and bikes, and loves the strength, freedom, and friends that come from riding a bike. By day, Caitlin is a marketing director, and outside of work, she enjoys cooking, designing, finding new adventures, and dogs.

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Senior Editor

Addie Levinsky

Addie is a writer, adventure seeker, and loves just about anything you can do on a bicycle (especially if it's in the dirt). She started as a journalist with VeloNews while finishing a degree in philosophy, realizing that it was possible to intertwine her two passions: writing and riding (rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) A long time roadie, former professional mountain bike racer, and seeker of questionable routes, Addie has gone head first into just about every aspect of cycling. And that's what keeps her coming back for more - there is always something new, and helping the ever-growing community of amazing women in the sport is such an honor.

When she isn't getting lost on new roads or trail, Addie can be found drinking coffee, eating snacks, and hanging out with her sidekick, Alpine the Wonder Pup. Her home base is Colorado, but she spends a good chunk of time on the road traveling up and down the West Coast.

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Senior Nutrition Editor

Lori Nedescu

Lori Nedescu, MS RD CSSD LD holds a masters degree in human nutrition and certification as a specialist in sports nutrition. She is a private practice dietitian at The Cadence Kitchen, a website devoted to fueling performance with creative, whole food recipes, nutrition tips and counseling services. 

When not eating or telling others how to eat, Lori spends her time in a cycling kit training and racing as a CAT1 elite cyclist chasing the professional dream. Her 2017 season is full of traveling, guest riding, UCI races and pro/elite pelotons. Lori's happy places include long, grueling mountain climbs, sipping cappuccino (preferably one with turmeric or spirulina), and digging into a beet-kale salad.  She's officially joining the PDF team to share performance nutrition advice, trends and stories from her cycling adventures with the professionals. 

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Contributing Editor

Jen Abercrombie

Jen is the creator of the “Sunday Social”, a quarterly women-only event series at Golden Saddle Cyclery that mixes education and recreation in a bike-shop setting.  She is also the co-creator of the“No Garmin No Rules” brand.  She rides on the road and the dirt, and sometimes in stretchy clothes.  A former graphic designer, musician, and lingerie boutique owner, Jen is passionate about the fashion, art, culture and design of the cycling world. A Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator, she enjoys cooking, photography, camping, and little dogs.  

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Kelly Krause

The first time I clipped in to my first road bike, I got the chills. It was Spring of 2014 and a dear friend from spin class suggested I ride the MS 150 with her. It's a two-day charity ride from Houston to Austin, totaling 150 miles with ~2k feet of climbing each day. At the time, a 45 minute indoor cycling class was intense, so this kind of ride seemed like a stretch. However, after losing over 100 lbs and always being up for new adventures and challenges, I was in. Within the first 10 miles of the ride, I was in love. The open road, the freedom, the friendly faces and camaraderie all made me feel like an immediate part of a community that I would soon learn was far greater and powerful than I could imagine. 

In the past two years, cycling has become much more to me than a tool for weightloss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's my therapy session. It provides me with some of the toughest challenges that leave me with opportunities to learn and grow. It's introduced me to some of my forever friends, helped build confidence and teach me about leadership. Quite boldly, it's changed my life. 

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