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Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

Struggling to find the perfect gift?

Pretty Damned Fast put together the ultimate gift guide for the female cyclist in your life. Whether she is crushing it at races every weekend or prefers a stylish and casual commute to work, we've got you covered.  


1. The Rapha Deep Winter Cap is as essential as it is functional. Available at the Rapha Cycle Club, 64 Gansevoort St or online here for $95.

2. Particular about your gels? Get all your nutrition essentials delivered to your door by The Feed. Good as a one time purchase, but a million times better as a subscription. PrettyDamnedFast even has its own box with our favorite essentials here.

3. Every fall Aritzia puts out a 100% Wool Blanket Scarf. This gorgeous scarf doubles as blanket for air travel, and works perfect for changing out of your spandex at a race, buy it locally at Aritzia on Broadway or online here.

4. Hold your blanket scarf in place with our own Gilded Marking Pin available online for $6 here

5. Take it all with you in Mission Workshops minimalist Fitzroy Rucksack. Durable, waterproof and totally elegant, a 40L backpack has never looked so good. Buy it locally at Ride Brooklyn on Kent Ave, or online here $319.

6. Warm your post race frozen hands in these fleece lined mittens from Talula. Available locally at Aritzia on Broadway and Spring, or online for $16.

7. If you're going to instagram pics of your frozen water bottles, you might as well have some good looking bottles. Pick up a pair locally at the Rapha Cycle Club, or online here $17.50 each.

8. Seems our friend Abby Watson got everyone in on the fancy manicure trend. Match your race ready nails to your bike or your kit. We love Essie, pictured here in Over The Edge, Belugaria, and Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low, available at Ricky’s locations all over NYC or here for $9 each.

9. One cannot simply enter the #paincave without the correct footwear. These God and Famous Overshoes are available online for $45.

10. Puffy vests are rad for start lines and warm ups, atmo. We love this one from Columbia, has that fancy silver liner and everything. Available online here for $130.

11. Everyone hates flats, but everyone love the Flat Flag Champion Crew Neck! Limited quantities available locally at King Kog 453 Graham Ave, or online for $35.

12. Some races are B.Y.O.C. (bring your own coffee). This awesome thermos from REI was field tested at Supercross Cup and will keep your favorite brew piping hot all day long, and you might have enough to share. Available locally at REI on Houston or online for $20.

13. If bike racing has you staying in funky motels, a travel candle goes a long way to improve the ambiance. Also helps if you're sharing the motel room with stinky team mates. We love Voluspa Branch Vermiel available locally at Anthropology or online for $15.

14. You still don't have your Pretty Damned Fast Reflective Sticker Pack? Buy it here for $3. Guaranteed to make you faster, the podium awaits.

15. Since you're gonna be on that trainer for months anyway, you might as well get a cute bra, because we know you're not wearing a shirt. This one from Community is pretty hot for a sports bra. Available locally at Aritzia on Broadway, or online here for $30.

16. Pearl Izumi Cold Weather Gloves. They are durable, stylish, and do a pretty damned good job of keeping your hands warm, but more importantly, they have touch screen compatibility so you can update your Strava and Instagram without taking them off!!! Buy them locally at Paragon or online here



Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 2.09.20 PM.png

1. Represent your hood, and keep your bangs in place. We love this simple Brooklyn Cap, available locally at King Kog, 453 Graham Ave for $16, or online here

2. Sebastian Flat Fix Holiday Box Kit. Keep your tires well inflated and hopefully you avoid flats period! But if your hair needs a bit of a boost try $12.99 At Ricky’s across NYC or online here

3. No commuter bike is complete without the Pretty Damned Fast Reflective Sticker Pack $3 at our shop

4. We love this clear organizer from Ricky’s NYC, seen here stocked with some absolute essentials. Available locally at all Ricky’s locations or online We love Dr. Brandt Anti-Irritant Comforting Cleanser, A truly gentle cleanser for a commuters delicate winter skin, $20 online We also cant get enough of B Product Dry Cleaned, a great colorless dry shampoo you can pick up locally at most Duane Reade locations or purchase it for $22 here. Leave it at your desk to freshen up your hair after a vigorous commute. And Lastly if your winter commute is really bumming you out, you have to try Skin Trip from Mountain Ocean. It's a vacation in a bottle! Available locally at most Whole Foods or online At only $7 its a steal, and its very gentle on winter skin.

5. No commuter can ever have enough wool socks. These designs are so cute you’ll want to leave your pants cuffed! From top to bottom, Smart Wool Knee High $24 avaialbel locally at Paragon Sports at 867 Broadway or online The mini fair isle in black available locally at REI on Houston or online And a great option from Goodhewn thats a blend of merino, nylon, bamboo and spandex 29$ for a two pair pack  pictured here in Sunrise Cable available locally at REI on Houston or online

6. The only commuter jean that matters, from Rapha at $220 Available locally at the Rapha Cycle Club, 64 Gansevoort St or online

7. The Pretty Damned Fast Gilded Marking Pin makes an excellent belt loop key clip so your bike lock keys are always on hand. Available at for $6

8. A merino base layer that is so cute you’ll want to wear it alone, we love Rapha’s grey short sleeve base layer $85 locally at the Rapha Cycle Club 64 Gansevoort St  or at

9. The only backpack you’ll ever need from Truce. Shown here in black with a reflective band around the bottom, its sleek, polished, incredibly durable and made by hand when you order it. Available in three different sizes online, shown is the medium for $260

10. Step up your lock game with a coordinated Kryptonite lock. We love the fashion colors for the Series 2 locks, available locally at King Kog 453 Graham Ave or online for $42

11. Our favorite holiday splurge might have to be the Rapha Town Gloves. They are as beautiful as they are functional, and come with Rapha’s famous repair service at $245 locally at the Rapha Cycle Club NYC or online

12. The BRTN Capsule Collection is positively on point! This quilted pullover is as functional as it is stylish, available locally for $65 at Paragon Sports at 867 Broadway or online

13. Tired of battling your scarf on your commute? Switch to this fantastic Infinity Scarf from Buff, it has the right amount of stretch to keep it in place, and an extra long drop on the front to keep you bundled up if you're wearing a scoop neck. Available locally at Paragon Sports at 867 Broadway or online for $40 here

14. Because you can never ever have enough Rapha, the Essentials Case is exactly that! $65 locally at the Rapha Cycle Club NYC  or here

15. We love the minimal design of these Knog Lights, they are bright without blinding your fellow commuters and easily recharge at your desk through a USB port. $50 for the pair available locally at King King 453 Graham Ave or online a

Photography by Masami Adachi

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