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In Case You Missed It...

In Case You Missed It...

This year has been huge for us at Pretty Damned Fast. Since starting in August of 2014, we have seen nothing but support and amazing kindness from our cycling community, but it was this year that we really grew. This, of course, would never have been possible without the help of our contributors and readers. So, to close the year, we decided to round up some of our stand out pieces from 2015 both to highlight them and to introduce them to our newer readers. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and look forward to what 2016 brings!

Happy New Year!


Anna Maria and Tayler

A humorous race story by Jaime Soper about the annual stage race in Vermont. We love this piece for its honest look at the emotional roller coaster that is bike racing and the amazing friendships that form because of it.



As Tati Cycles put it, this was the post that showed where PDF editorial could go. With amazing photography by Marshall Kappel and words by Reese Ruland, this story about an inspiring young athlete during her time at Cyclocross Nationals proved that women's cycling has a powerful future.



It is with total transparency I say that both of us had Pactimo kits back in the day that we weren't very big fans of. So, when the company approached us with their new women's Reflex Collection we were a little hesitant. However, once we tried this kit on, we were in love and it remains one of our favorite kits to this day! In order to celebrate it, we decided to create a really special photo shoot inspired by the mermaid like scales on its bibs and ocean colors of its jersey. Shot by fashion photographer Lara Callahan with art direction by Tayler Rae Dubé, this by far one of our favorite kit reviews.



Kelli is a rider we are constantly inspired by. Whether she is racing Red Hook Crit, starting her own road team, or representing brands like Levi's Commuter or Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Kelli puts her whole heart in. This rider profile wasn't the first time we featured her (and we have a few time since in our Sunglass Guide and Hyperlite Mountain Gear pieces!), but it was the piece that introduced our readers in to the breadth of involvement Kelli has in the industry.



Possibly our first real gear piece outside of kit, Komorebi doubled as in introduction to the bike packing adventure team as well as their custom Breadwinner bikes. Written by team member Jocelyn Gaudi, we were really excited to introduce our readers to the types of new bikes being created with influence from female cyclists. 



Maybe our most controversial piece yet, #nopodiumgirls was a movement heavy on our minds around the start of the Tour de France. This piece, written by journalist Zoe Leverent, got a lot of both positive and negative attention.



Erika Schwanke is one of our favorite writers. Both this piece on a bike packing trip she took with 4 other women and her piece on the  East Coast Messenger Stage Race are so fun to read. Her hilarious recaps don't shy away from taking about how hard cycling can be sometimes. We particularly liked this piece because it doubled as a guide for what to bring when bike packing in New England!


Rapha x Liberty

One of our favorite kit reviews if for nothing more than the beautiful photography by Cole Wilson and how stunning and inspiring Laura Solís is in the Rapha Liberty kit.



Cycling may still be a male dominated industry, but there are plenty of women out there crushing it in cycling related careers. In this piece, we interviewed Jude Gerace about her craft of hand built wheel making and how cyclists can benefit from investing in a pair for themselves.


Back in the Saddle

It's a beautiful thing when someone shares such a personal story with their community. In November 2014 Cindy was hit while riding near Portland, OR. Her road to recovery was not an easy one and her piece about it doesn't hide that fact. A honest and inspiring reminder of how much dedication and grit this sport truly takes. 

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