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City Guide: Portland Oregon

City Guide: Portland Oregon

City Guide by Abby Watson, Photography by Chantal Anderson

Pictured throughout are Abby Watson, Julie Krasniak and Amanda Lee Harrison. Photos are part of an ongoing special project with Levi's Commuter

How long have you have you been riding in Portland?

I moved to Portland in 2007 and have been riding ever since. I didn’t have a car, I 
wanted to meet people and needed to get back into sports and explore a 
new city; road riding seemed like a way to do all this.

What do you wish people knew about cycling in Portland? What 
makes it different than other places you’ve ridden? 

There's an exceptional community of badass women here. I've never ridden anywhere with the same depth of women riding bikes in all kinds of ways ranging from MTB, Road, CX, touring, to bike-packing… It's an adventurous and passionate group of people

What’s the best part about riding in Portland? What’s the worst part? 

The best part is the diversity of people on bikes; from family of 5 to the avid 
racer, there’s a scene and a community for every facet of cycling in Portland.

The worst part is the lack of legal MTB trails in the city, it’s totally ridiculous!

What is your favorite long distance route?

It’s hard to pick just one, but probably riding from Portland to a town called Pacific City on the coast; it’s about 120 miles and totally spectacular.


What is your favorite route for short distance?

There’s a gravel climb through Forest Park called Saltzman that takes about 20 minutes, and that’s my favorite. It’s beautiful, leads to some single-track and get’s me off 
the main roads in a hurry. It’s fun on both road bikes and CX bikes and is a 
great way to start a ride that stays on dirt on Forest Park, or a road ride in the hills.

What’s the best part of commuting by bikes in Portland?

The weather is generally pretty mild and it’s often faster than driving. Portland has worse traffic than most people realize!

What’s your favorite bike shop?

River City Bicycles

Favorite pre/post ride coffee shop or meet up spot?

I like to meet at coffee shops in the NW part of town because it’s an easy spot of people that live anywhere in the city to convene before riding into the west hills. 
Barista and Commissary are two of my favorites. Afterwards, I’m partial to burritos.

What’s the most practical insider tip you’d give anyone visiting and cycling in your city?

There are a surprising number of uncontrolled intersections on the east side, look twice!

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