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Commuter Beauty

Commuter Beauty

Photography By In Kim, Words by Daniella Shachter

 Introduction by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart, Illustrations by Tayler Rae Dubé

Like many of us cyclists, Daniella Shachter leads a double life. She’s a highly sought after New York makeup artist, who’s work is often featured on the pages of Nylon and Bazaar and has lots of bold faced names on her celebrity roster. When she’s not working on glamorous photo shoots, she’s kitted up and out on the road training hard and enjoying the road on her bike. Although Daniella and I first met at a fashion industry event, it was our road racing team, Kissena Cycling that brought us together. 

We are delighted to share her personal favorite beauty picks in our fall commuter beauty guide. From ultra gentle cleansers for sensitive skin, to lip color that simply won’t budge no matter how hard you sweat, Daniella has some insight into how these double duty products work specifically for cyclists. Because at PDF we think that your beauty products should be just like your teammates, and really have your back.

Dermalogica cleansing wipes:

These are a great addition to any commuter's bag. They are a quick way to wipe off  the city grime off of your face before doing a simple makeup before work. Non- comedogenic and portable.

Benefit Benetint:

This is the original minimalist beauty product. Its a stay put stain that can be used for cheeks and lips. This a a liquify formula that dries fast for a quick sheer stain. It looks fabulous on skin textures of any age. If you ride barefaced to work, but still want a little color, its fool proof formula is perfect for office bathrooms, and can easily be stashed in a your desk.

Fresh Sugar Lip:

With and spf and an array of sheer tints, these are my all time favorites for looking a bit more groomed and not overdone. Its a little bit of color, in a lip soothing formula that protects the delicate (and often neglected) skin on our lips.


Maybelline Color Blur:

Again for minimalists, this is a fun, super pigmented lip color that has a natural soft edge. Use the matte pencil in the center of the lip and 'blur' out to the edges. This way you can wear a ton of color, but not have an overly-done makeup-y look. The color goes on super smoothly and has a velvety feel, without the stickiness that some matte products have. Hair that escapes your helmet wont get stuck to your lips. 

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda:

This is a go-to in my makeup kit and at home. Baking Soda mixed with with a bit a water to create a paste can either be used as a mask for ten minutes (or overnight for problem skin) or just scrub it on your face. It cleans out pores while keeping skin soft and balanced. Its especially good for those who have highly reactive skin and can not use over the counter products and for blackheads. I would recommend keeping it away from the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes. Also, run a test on a small patch of your face before committing to the longer cleanse.

Jergens BB Protect:

 This is a body creme that helps heal small flaws while giving some sun protection. It has a gentle scent and non sticky formula great for repelling road debris. I was also turned onto another feature by a cleint who has beautiful bronzed skin. While the company doesn't promote this aspect - the creme for medium to darker shade formula will tan lighter skin tones gradually if used consistently. I like that on my skin tone, it blends some of the tan lines on my arms and legs. 

Fresh Peony Brightening UV Shield:

Fresh is one of my favorite skin care lines. The quality and effort to be as natural as possible is a huge plus! It's also a small enough packaging to take with or stash in your jersey pocket for reapplication on longer rides. 

Maybelline Chaotic Lash:

For those on a budget, Maybelline makes a tough waterproof mascara. Its totally bomb proof and stays put even if there's a torrential rainstorm on your way in to work. If you a makeup minimalist, this can be your one go-to product.

Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF:

This is an awesome sun block. Its totally matte so it won't leave your face sticky and shiny. You can mix it into your foundation or a tinted moisturizer that you love, if you want to add sun coverage too.

Benefit They’re Real!:

This is another wonderful mascara. The formula is fantastic, but the brush is what does it for me! it has two types of bristles to coat and thicken most lash types. Like the Maybelline option, this one is also pretty bomb proof, so you'll need a water-proof eye makeup remover for his one.

Maybelline Master Graphic:

Another awesome budget option. A single sweeping line above the top lashes gives a polished, work ready look in a few seconds. I love how well made the felt tip of this eyeliner is. The formula is very black, goes on smoothly and doesn't cake up or flake off during the day.

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