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 Community Holiday Gift Guide

Community Holiday Gift Guide

Interviews by Kelly Krause

Design by Caitlin Dumas


If you’re in search of a few cycling-related gifts for your friends and family this holiday, or just need to up your own game, we’ve got you covered. We polled 22 amazing women in the cycling community -- from a commuter, to a SoulCycle instructor -- a pro, to an Olympian, and everyone in between, and asked “What’s your favorite cycling product this season?”

Rebecca Rusch  |  Professional Athlete, Author, Adventurer

SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain. Hands down, favorite cycling product this year is the SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain.  It’s another amazing evolution in mountain bike shifting and a game changer.  Eagle means freedom to go anywhere you want and not be limited by your gears.  I’ve ridden Eagle in a 500 mile self supported bike race through Italy, on my home XC trails and through the jungles of Laos.  With Eagle, you will never again be afraid that you don’t have the right gearing.  It’s simplicity, durability and range all wrapped into one.  With Eagle, you can truly fly!  Eagle has won the Olympics, Leadville and already fueled a ton of my adventures.  It’s not just for the elite athlete, it’s for anyone who wants to have the freedom to ride anywhere they can dream of. (Price: varies per what you need, Purchase here)

Kym Nonstop  |  SoulCycle instructor and cyclist

Amanda Batty  |  Professional DH Racer & Journalist

LAZER Revolution MTB Helmet with MIPS in Matte White. I absolutely love the Revolution -- with the micro-adjustable dial, integrated light/camera mount, MIPS system and the way it vents, it’s easily the item I used most this year. Whether it was XC, bike packing or enduro training, the Revolution kept the sweat out of my eyes, shaded the sun, didn’t jump around on my head and, most importantly, protected my noggin. It’s a great-looking lid that’s shockingly lightweight and retains sunglasses really well. (Price: $190, Purchase here)

Annalisa Fish  |  Physical therapist, bike fitter, & owner of Endurance  | PDX

Rapha Merino Wool Knee Warmers. I love these knee warmers because they are by far the most flattering and comfortable warmers I’ve ever donned. They are a classic staple for the cyclist and won’t make you feel self-conscious while loitering at the coffee shop.  (Price: $80, Purchase here)

Family shred.

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Jennifer Hannon  |  Founder of Machines for Freedom

The Daybreak Wind Jacket. It’s the perfect cool-weather layering piece. It’s breathable, packable, and provides visibility in an understated way. Plus, it’s versatile! The jacket looks as great with kit as it does over a tee and jeans. Designed for mild California winters, the Daybreak Jacket can also work as a mid-layer in colder climates. (Price: $215, Purchase here)

Brooke Robinson  |  Founder and Chief Curator of Goodtype

Giro Synthe MIPS Road helmet. I love my helmet. It’s so lightweight and comfortable. It fits my noggin perfectly and it’s super safe with the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which redirects energy and provides more protection in certain impacts. (Price: $270, Purchase here)


Coffee + Bikes + Marfa = True Love ☕️🚴🏽🌵 #📷: @emcdub

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Jen Nordhem  |  Marketing Manager at Rapha

Rapha Souplesse Thermal Bibs. While I’ve been off the bike for a bit due to injury I have the Rapha Souplesse Thermal Bibs at the top of my kit drawer begging to be worn. They are soft and fuzzy on the inside and keep the muscles in your glutes and thighs warm while they work. Plus they are a little bit longer in the leg and a little higher at the waist to keep drafts at bay. Definitely a must-have for the woman looking to be braver than the elements this winter.  (Price: $290, Purchase here)

Emily Bremer  |  Women's Marketing Director at Trek Bicycle

Our Bontrager XXX MTB Limited Edition Women’s Shoe. Finally available for the ladies! XXX MTB shoes have been around for a couple years, and this limited run is a women’s-specific model. They’re light, but super stuff, which I love. The Boa dial system is my favorite too, so this shoe really has and does it all. Plus, that blue! (Price: $399.99, Purchase here)



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Chloe Lasseron  |  Pretty. Damned. Fast. Contributor

The Athletic Bande De Filles sweatshirt. My passion for women’s cycling doesn’t end when I’m off the bike, and this sweatshirt lets me express that. More like a thick long sleeve than a sweatshirt, I pair with a button down while at work, or jeans when I’m out with my girl gang. The large reflective lightning bolt on the back makes me feel safe riding home when the sun sets. (Price: $95, Purchase here)

Kelly Jo Krause  |  Programming Director at SXSW + Pretty. Damned. Fast Contributor

The Rapha Backpack. I’m on the road (bike + airplane) a lot and this backpack has been perfect daily commutes to work and airport travel. I can easily fit my MacBook Air, change of shoes, phone, small jacket and wallet. Plus, it’s retroreflective stripe reflects light in multiple directions for increased visibility, and a zipped compartment houses a high-visibility pink rain cover. Inevitably, someone stops me on every trip and asks me where I got it. It’s a lifesaver. (Price: $220, Purchase here

Becca Schepps | LA Sweat Co-Founder and Writer/Partner at PiggyBack.Cool

BIKEFLIGHTS. It’s not exactly a gift, but this is totally my #1 cycling must-have if you ever travel with a bike. It makes having to play the coy game of “what’s in the bag” with airlines a thing of the past, and saves you all those baggage fees. Plus, they are totally on-it if anything happens in transit. (Price: varies, Purchase here)

Abby Watson | Cyclist in Portland, Oregon

Bontrager Ion 700 RT front and Flare RT rear lights. Whether the cyclist in your life is a commuter, roadie or mountain biker, investing in lights will help them stay safe and keep riding throughout the winter. I love the Bontrager Ion 700 RT front and Flare RT rear light set for a few reasons; they're super bright, easy to move from bike to bike and feature both ANT+ remote and helmet integration options. As a mountain biker looking to do more night riding, I'm excited that this front light integrates with my Bontrager Lithos helmet (no more straps, clips or cords!) and that the ANT+ remote gives me the ability to turn lights on/off or up/down while I'm on the move. (Price: $239.99, Purchase here

@gpwats, remembering how fun it is to have Saturday off

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Nicole Adamson  |  Founder / CEO / Creative Director of Femme Velo

Femme Velo Alfonsina Jersey and Bibs. We’re all about finding a kit that makes you smile! (Price: $355, Purchase here)

Kirsten Weisback  |  Pretty. Damned. Fast. Managing Editor

MER bags. This bag is my girl. She is quite possibly the most practical, durable thing I have ever purchased. And the waxed canvas absorbs weather and wear extremely well. I haven't taken a trip without this bag since I picked 'er up.

This was a custom number, which is an awesome route to go. You can pick out your the size, pockets, colors, trim, materials, all that. MER has a ton of other expertly crafted, vibrantly colored items already made as well. Check 'em out. (Price: varies by custom order, Purchase here)

Lentine Alexis  |  creator of Skratch Labs Cookie Mix

Hearts + bellies + views are FULL out here. Good morning from Sedona! 😍🙌🏼🚲

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Rapha Women’s Classic Winter Jacket. Living in Colorado, I don’t let winter stop me from getting out and enjoying beautiful scenery by bike all season long. This newly redesigned piece is warm, waterproof and stylish, even when the weather turns nasty, and it has armpit zippers so if the weather clears up, I stay cool. (Price: $385, Purchase here

Caroline Gaynor  |  Guide for visually impaired athletes

Handlebar Mustache Winter in the City socks. I love all HBStache socks, but after wearing these winter socks on a cold, rainy ride in Boulder I was completely hooked. They are thicker than normal socks, but they aren't bulky. My feet stayed warm and dry. And of course, I love the eye-catching stripes! (Price: $23, Purchase here)

Literal bike church. 🚴🏻‍♀️

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Lori Nedescu  |  MD RDN LD, The Cadence Kitchen + Pretty.Damned.Fast Contributor

Ninja Blender. I couldn’t survive living the healthy cyclist life without my Ninja Blender. Seriously, the day I threw my cheap standard blender away was a game changer. This thing is a pro at blending my frozen fruit (and veggies) into post ride smoothies. (Price: $99.99, Purchase here)

I don't cross often... But when I do... I HAVE FUN!!!!! 🚴🏻⚡️🙌🏻 #runup #shutuplegs #cyclocross

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Jen Abercrombie  |  Freelance Writer, Pretty. Damned. Fast. Contributing Editor


Bontrager Ajna Pro Carbon Women’s Saddle. I know saddles are very personal, but I just discovered this one and I love it.  Most of the choices for women in this width (164mm) are so padded it’s like riding on a bouncy castle.  This one is firm and light, so there’s plenty of power transfer, and the generous cutout makes it comfortable in a more aggressive position. (Price: $149, Purchase here)

Megan Dean  |  Frame Builder at Moth Attack

Trail Nuggets. I’ve traveled far and wide with a few of these always tucked away and they’re always perfect no matter what the weather does. I’ve never gotten tired of them with a solid rotation between their three offerings, and they make beets delicious somehow. (Price: $29.88 (12-ct), Purchase here)

Sophie Ballo  |  Co-Founder of VNYL Race Bikes

Rapha Women’s Gilet. A staple in my wardrobe for a long time has been my Women's Rapha Gilet, and this season's sleek black/pink styling has made it even a more go-to than usual. This piece is amazing because a Gilet can transform a kit in any season to be optimal - whether it's a chilly start to a spring morning, or an extra layering piece on a winter day, it's the perfect compliment to the elements. The two pockets (not found on most Gilets or vests) also make it extremely practical, so you don't have to dig underneath it to your jersey pockets. And one more thing - this season's black styling allows it to go with multiple kits - yay versatility!  (Price: $129.50, on Black Friday Sale!, Purchase here

Patricia Walsh  |  Blind Ambition Speaking

Rudy Project cycling shorts. I love these shorts because the waistline fits perfectly and they appear seamless, which is important for longer rides. (Price: $99.99, Purchase here)

Anna Maria Wolf  |  Pretty. Damned. Fast. Founder and Owner of Sun And Air

This holiday season Im gifting all my friends with the Knog Oi Bell! I have been watching the progress on the neat little bell since it was on Kickstarter, and its so cool to see it in real life. Bells do a lot to keep cyclists safe, especially on shared paths with joggers and other cyclists. Most bells look terrible on handlebars, but the Oi is sleek enough to go on your race road bike, and low profile enough to not get stolen off your bars in NYC. Its definitely going on all my bikes!  (Price: $19.95, Purchase here)

BONUS:  A little for everyone

Bontrager Women's Holiday Sweatshirt  Because everyone has a holiday party.  (Price: $39.99, Purchase    here   )

Bontrager Women's Holiday Sweatshirt

Because everyone has a holiday party. (Price: $39.99, Purchase here)

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix   Because it's a DIY-add-your-own-flavor mix. Genius  (Price: $8.50, Purchase    here   )

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix 

Because it's a DIY-add-your-own-flavor mix. Genius (Price: $8.50, Purchase here)

OCCP Sparkling Lime Bottles   Because, LaCroix. (Price: $12, Purchase    here   )

OCCP Sparkling Lime Bottles

Because, LaCroix. (Price: $12, Purchase here)

House Industries Velo Handlebar Tape  Because design matters.  (Price: $35, Purchase    here   )

House Industries Velo Handlebar Tape

Because design matters. (Price: $35, Purchase here)

Abus Bordo Granit x 6500   Because it’s the queen of bike locks.   (Price $134.50, Purchase    here   )

Abus Bordo Granit x 6500

Because it’s the queen of bike locks. (Price $134.50, Purchase here)

Rothera Cycling Caps  Because they seriously fit perfectly.  (Price: $30, Purchase    here   )

Rothera Cycling Caps

Because they seriously fit perfectly. (Price: $30, Purchase here)



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