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City Guide: Atlanta

City Guide: Atlanta


City Guide by Mae Elizabeth Gurene

How long have you have you been riding  in Atlanta?

3 years almost to date!

What do you wish people knew about cycling in Atlanta? What makes it different than other places you’ve cycled in.

There is a lot to see in Atlanta and getting around by bike is much more fun than commuting in a car. You'll see A LOT more of the city by pedaling around and plenty of places have bike racks outside. Also, we have cyclocross and a velodrome!! :)

What's the best part about riding in Atlanta? What’s the worst part?

Traffic. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's not. Although with the help of amazing people and advocacy groups, there has been a lot of changes to make it easier to get around by bike. So thanks for all of those awesome people out there who are making it a little easier to coexist with cars!

What is your favorite long distance route?

The "Three Gaps" route in Dahlonega is my favorite. It is actually North of the city and features rolling hills through the country side, various climbs up the mountains and really fast descents. I always go to the mid-ride store stop to refill water and grab a coke.

What is your favorite route for short distance?

Cruising through Piedmont Park, down the Beltline and up the PATH is a fun chill ride. I don't recommend it during peak time (a beautiful Saturday afternoon) because it will be PACKED with people, but if you can catch it during a low foot-traffic time, it's great!

What’s the best part of commuting by bikes in Atlanta?

You will most likely get to your destination by bike faster than you would by car because of how crazy Atlanta traffic can be.

Whats your favorite bike shop?

In the heart of Atlanta, Loose Nuts is my favorite!

Favorite pre/post ride coffee shop or meet up spot?

Hmm, I can easily say that I've stopped at Victory Sandwich Bar during or post ride more than any other place in the city. They offer really small inexpensive sandwiches and sides that are delicious.

What’s the most practical insider tip you’d give anyone visiting and cycling in your city?

Use your resources. We are lucky that a woman named Trish keeps an updated website featuring all of the local group rides, the level of the ride, details, route maps and races. This site helped me SO much when I was first starting out.

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