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Product Round Up: Prepping For the Summer Rays

Product Round Up: Prepping For the Summer Rays

If you're like us, you can't get enough of the sunshine that's coming with spring and summer. Mileage is picking up and the tan lines are starting to set in, so make sure you're prepped with everything you need. 

Here's a roundup of PDF editor picks (along with a few guest contributions!) to make sure you have what you need for a summer full of riding.


Lori Nordescu | Senior Nutrition Editor

This spray allows me to feel clean after hot sweaty summer rides when immediate shower access isn’t an option.

Velocio Wind Vest | $159


Chris Hadgis | Pretty. Damned. Fast. Contributor

Whether riding eight miles to commute through city streets, or riding eighty miles through California canyons, I rarely ever leave home without the Velocio Wind Vest.

The love is in the details:

  1. The pockets - external, deep back pockets provide easy access to the things we carry: energy bars, a spare tube, gloves, lip balm, a phone.
  2. The zipper - two way:  zips down, and also up from the bottom to quickly stow keys, or other essentials in jersey pockets.
  3. The material - despite being %100 percent polyester, the vest is highly ventilating, lightweight, stretchy, and soft. Blocks the wind and is water-resistant.
  4. The fit - perfection.  Not too long, not too short. Slim, but not tight. Hits at the hip.
  5. Packability - can roll it down to the size of a burrito to stuff into a jersey pocket.

Caitlin Dumas | Senior Editor

I'm always trying to stock my closet with great staples. This hoodie from Shower Pass has been my go-to item from when spring first started trying to make a showing to the cooler nights where I'm running errands on my bike even with the summer heat. 

It's a highly functional hoodie, since Shower Pass engineers their gear for racers, commuters, messengers and everyday cycling enthusiasts. Disclaimer: I'm sure it would be a great running hoodie as well, but the only time I run is out of desperation or while I'm carrying my bike in a CX race. It's made out a Bamboo-Merino tech fabric, making it breathable, moisture-wicking and made of more sustainable fabrics. The zipper pockets are perfect for storing my essentials (keys, phone and wallet) when I go out. 

It comes in Hollyhock (shown), Navy and Dark Shadow (a grey). For sizing references, I'm 5'0" and wearing a small. The sleeves are a little long, but when are sleeves not long on a short person? However, everything else fits wonderfully. 

LyteLine - LyteZone Ionic Electrolyte Water - $17.95


Lori Nedescu  | Senior Nutrition Editor

Electrolyte needs increase in hot summer temperatures. I consume a bottle of LyteZone before long rides and races to pre- hydrate and prevent depletion. 


Caitlin Dumas |  Senior Edtior 

Having the right bike rack is necessary for any riding, but particularly as the sun starts to shine and the races and rides pick up. We recently went down to a one-bike-rack-family instead of having one on each car, and this the one we choose to keep. You can read my full review of the rack here, but here are the key points:

  1. Lightweight. Extremely lightweight. I'm 5'0" and was able to easy build and install the rack.
  2. Versatile. You can fit skinny-mini road tires all the way up to fat bikes onto this rack. 
  3. Security. Never once was I concerned about our bikes, with the clamps and straps for both wheels. The rack never touches your frame and it comes with a built-in bike lock. 

Smith Attack Max | $249.00


Katharine Erwin | PDF Contributor

I recently found these sunglasses and I literally can't take them off. he Smith Attack Max are so lightweight and give me such a great field of vision, that I don’t keep them as riding glasses, I literally wear them daily and or for other sports that they might not be intended for. I get headaches from low pressure systems and dehydration that coupled with eyewear, helmets, hats - you name it - just makes the days worse, the Attack Max helps prevent too much light from coming in and are comfortable on my little elf ears. 

Cafe du Cycliste Micheline Jersey | $163.00


Lori Nedescu  | Senior Nutrition Editor

I overheat quickly which is an issue in the hot summer sun. To combat this, I try to keep my clothing options as light as possible.  This super light, temperate controlling fabric is so breathable it keeps me cool on the sweatiest of rides. 

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