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Thats What She'd Shred!

Thats What She'd Shred!

Pretty Damned Fast would like to invite readers to participate in “That’s What She’d Shred,” an opportunity to get out and ride on a brand new GT off- road bike, and share the experience of riding with other women through the PDF blog. This program is all a part of GT's campaign, "Fun is Serious Business," which aims to get more people riding, but above all having fun while doing it. While we are very serious about getting folks riding, we want you to have a great time! This contest is open to everyone regardless of ability riding style.


Applicants must submit proposals for two articles to be completed in the next 9 months. Content can be novice or expert and must include original photography that features the bike, and writing that reflects a thorough use of the equipment. Final articles should be 1000-1500 words long, and contain a minimum of 7 photographs. Winners are also required to submit 4 separate images for use on the social channels of PDF and GT. 


Preference will be given to riders with a demonstrated history of producing written and photographic content. Please send links to personal blog posts or published work. It doesn't have to be anything fancy: tour journals, Facebook screen grabs, we just want to see that you can write with enthusiasm!


There are three incredible models in the mix for this program.




Helion GTw: A lightweight, fast, and affordable alloy XC bike that loves to take on the trails. The Helion is the full-suspension bike for the XC charger who climbs with the best and descends better. It features 27.5” wheels, 110 mm of travel front and back, a short-stem, and GT’s progressive geometry.

Rider Profile: Cross country riders who like to climb, thread technical single track, and want to go anywhere the trail takes them

Bike Performance:

-Technical singletrack, fire roads, gravel and paved

-Amazing pedaling performance

-Precision handling

-Fast, high-confidence on descents


Zaskar GTw: The Zaskar is GT’s Legendary 27.5 Hardtail. Although dominating the competition isn’t always the goal, but when it is, you come prepared. The Zaskar GTw thrives on technical trails, with a stiff and responsive hydroformed alloy frame and 27.5” wheels that roll new tracks for the pack behind you to follow. Wallet-friendly and race-ready, it’s time to find some worthy adversaries.

Rider Profile: Hard charging women who want a trail friendly race bike.

Performance: Light enough for race day, strong enough for every day


Grade GTw: Randonees, Fondos, the gravel road to work, and everything in between. Never before has a high-tech road bike been so capable on low-tech roads. The Grade is ready for everything, from freshly-paved switchbacks along mountain roads to the gravel roads you ride- and everything in between. The Grade knows no bounds.

Rider Profile: Someone who wants the speed and agility of a road bike, but prefers to ride in the mountains


-All roads – Tarmac, gravel, dirt

-Adventurous days in the saddle finding where the roads lead

-Gravel racing

-The Grade is the one road bike to have if you are having just one



 Winners can come from anywhere in the continental US. Applications are due by November 15th. Just send an email over to answering the following questions:


1. Who are you, and what type of riding do you do?

2. Where do you plan to ride your GT?

3. What is your height and skill level? 

4. What challenges do you hope this experience will help you face?

5. Do you have a particular riding goal in mind?

6. How will you take photos?

7. What are your social media handles? 

8. Describe the two articles you’d like to see published on Pretty Damned Fast. 

9. Where can we see other writing/photography of yours?

Some fine print: We will take care of the shipping to your local bike shop, but you are responsible for getting the bike built. Please take that cost in to consideration when deciding to apply. Although all the bikes are new, some of the have been used for photoshoots and may have minor cosmetic imperfections. If you are unable to fulfill the terms of the program, you will have to return the bike at your cost. One completion the program the bike is yours forever. Happy Shredding!!!!

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