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Summer of 2017 Product Round-Up

Summer of 2017 Product Round-Up

Words by Caitlin Dumas

The days are getting shorter, I’ve started riding my CX bike full time, and we’re starting to see an influx of #crossiscoming on our Insta feeds. However, there are those of us, like me, who are holding onto the last pieces of summer and still battling it out in the summer heat. Before we start pulling out our favorite pair of sweats and watch the leaves turn colors, I wanted to highlight a few things that either one, made my summer cycling, or two, are just killer products to take with you through any season.

So, here it is. The 2017 Summer Cycling Product Round-Up.

1. Rescue Project Pinner 22 oz Purist Water Bottle  | Price: $15.00

In our house, we have had to get rid of some of the “real” glasses to make room for the overflowing collection of water bottles. But, whether it was because I was behind on doing dishes or riding too much - I’m going with the second option - I actually ran out of clean water bottles to use this summer. With that said, I truly believe you can never have too many bottles. I will never use any other kind than Purist, which puts this Rescue Project bottle at the top of my list. 

Rescue Project is a non-profit who pairs outdoor sports, like cycling, with raising awareness, providing funds, and advocating for rescue animals throughout the country. From every purchase, at least 25% of the purchase goes to a local animal shelter. Bonus - these JUST came in this week. 

2. Machines for Freedom Summerweight Long Sleeve Jersey | $168.00

Now, I burn just thinking about being outside, and I have fried my skin one too many times not to take protecting my skin. Machines for Freedom’s summerweight long sleeve jersey provides 50 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) in a soft, comfortable and lightweight jersey. I’m somewhat particular about being overheated on a ride, and I wore this jersey on a 70-miler recently, in 85 degrees and 70% humidity heat and never felt uncomfortable or like I had on too much. Not only was it comfortable, but I entirely forgot to put sunscreen one morning and proceeded to spend 5 hours outside without a hint of red on my arms or shoulders. There isn’t another jersey like this out there.

3. RoadRunner Bags  |  Price varies

RoadRunner is a company based out of California who provides handmade bags and accessories for your bike and everyday life. My husband surprised me with a matching set of the Burrito Bag and the Wedge Half Frame Bag for my birthday. Reasons I love them:

  • Besides my kits, helmets, and shoes, I haven’t used a product more this summer. I take the bags with me everywhere and on almost every ride.
  • RoadRunner’s customer service is impeccable. Not only were they extremely helpful to Ben in helping him find a frame bag that fit my 48 cm bike, but they also guaranteed it would make it by my birthday and remembered Ben three months later when he called back to place an order.
  • The quality. Oh, the quality of these bags. I have STUFFED these bags and taken them to somewhat hell and back, and they are still holding strong. They also have a year warranty on their stitching and a lifetime warranty on their fabric.

4. Femme Velo Ascend Print Jersey  |  $135.00

Yet another jersey made it onto my list of excellent products from this summer. I broke this kit out a local century ride we do every year. At some point in the ride, the quietest rider in our whole group goes, “Caitlin. I LOVE that jersey. It’s so sick.” I don’t think I’ve heard this man say more than 20 words and there were 8 of them because of Femme Velo’s kit. Femme Velo tells you to “Be Bold, ” and with this jersey you are. When I put it on, I felt strong and inspired. I’m a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” mantra and this jersey fits it perfectly.

5. Specialized Grail Gloves  |  $35.00 - $40.00

While gloves may seem like a small thing, they can make a world of a difference. In the spring, I was treating hand problems from riding and had been for about eight months. I had my bike fit, changed up handlebar situation to help take pressure off of my hands, but I was still having issues.

On one ride, my dad lets me borrow his gloves since I was getting to the point where I wouldn’t wear any because no gloves left my fingers a little less numb. Lo and behold, my dad had a pair of Specialized Grail gloves. The combination of the minimal padding, easy stretch fabric, and no velcro (I dislike velcro on my gloves) made these gloves the perfect fit. I have recommended them to a handful of other cyclists, and they also are in glove-love. I now own four different pairs.

Follow along as I find more products to love by following me on Instagram - @caitydumas. 

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