Want to submit a story to Pretty. Damned. Fast. 


Pretty. Damned. Fast. is an inclusive community to celebrate women* (women/trans/femme and non-binary folks) and we encourage free flowing ideas and conversations about women* both on and off the bike. We welcome a range of contributors on our blog and these guidelines will ensure that you optimize your work so it resonates with our audience and ideally throughout the entire industry.

Pretty. Damned. Fast has over 70,000 visitors from all over the world a year and is one of the only dedicated, women's cycling platforms in the United States. 

The Bare Essentials

No matter what you’re writing, we ask that it celebrates, or is related to, women’s cycling in some form. We also require a few things to help make both your and our lives a little easier when it comes to contributions:

  • Be yourself. Pretty. Damned. Fast. is here to empower and celebrate women’s cycling and, in the end, your voice is what we want to hear because it’s your story to tell.
  • Give credit. Go ahead shout out your favorite companies, photographers, organizations and more, but be sure to include that information in your article. It’s difficult for our editors to track down the correct information.
  • Imagery. Every contribution is required to have high resolution images, graphics or videos.
  • Length. While we understand different stories call for more or less text, we’ve found our audience generally likes articles between 500 and 800 words.

How to Contribute

Okay, are you ready to contribute to Pretty. Damned. Fast? Here’s how to submit your post:

Please email caitlin@prettydamnedfast.com with the following:

  • Your completed post as a Word Doc or Google Doc link with editing rights.
  • Social media caption with all account attributions (specifically Instagram handles)
  • Image files, with captions and photog credit
  • Short author bio. You did the work so we want to make sure you get proper credit. Your bio should be approximately 60 words and should include links to your social media accounts and website along with any other relevant links you wish to display.

How it Works

So you sent your story in - what’s next?

First, it could take a couple of weeks for the editors to reach out to you. Our editors are all volunteers. They work hard to have timely responses and work with contributors on their unique situations, but please understand they all have jobs outside of Pretty. Damned. Fast. and their availability may vary.

A date will be picked for the publication. If you have a specific timeline, please let us know in your first email.

We will share the article our social media accounts and from there, we encourage you to share, share and share some more.

The Not So Fine Print

While we appreciate each contribution, we cannot accept every contribution. It’s not necessarily that you’ve done something wrong, but each contribution is assessed based off the timing of the submission, our audience, and our current content schedule.

The PDF editors reserve the right to actually edit your posts. While we won’t completely rewrite your post, we will revise for clarity, grammatical issues, length or article structure. Our goal is not to strip your post of it’s voice but instead, craft it to work for the PDF audience. If your post needs major revisions, we may email you with questions or suggestions.